The system many radio experts said couldn’t be built…is now here.

Designed specifically for stations, networks, syndicated programs, traffic departments & agencies.

Synchronicity is…get your content where it needs to go securely, quickly, backed-up, with real-time transparency for any station/network anywhere, anytime, via ANY on-air operating system.

“Simplicity Redefined”…


Stations & Networks:

  • Reliable and safe end-to-end completely automated workflow
  • Station by station customized programming simple & FAST
  • Synchronicity’s REAL TIME direct to air production workflow provides station operators a single, unified method to control all production & play-out processes
  • Manual error-prone repetitive & time-wasting tasks are eliminated
  • Completely automated process works with any existing music, scheduling and automation systems
  • Stations use the same software with which they are already familiar…so, there is nothing new to learn
  • 24/7 accessibility to Sync anytime from anywhere
  • Sync makes centralized ‘just-in-time” programming & brand management of ANY number of stations…simple
  • Stations can take advantage of centralized SyncHD’s straight-from-the-studio libraries to deliver the highest sound quality available…no more mp3’s if desired
  • If needed, EXPERIENCE “as live” (customizable delay) via Sync software or TRULY LIVE/real-time broadcast capabilities for your network via our hardware platform …yep, Sync can do that, too


Program Distribution:

  • Instant event-by-event control over program layout customized for each affiliate
  • Ability to make last minute emergency changes
  • Music & voice are never pre-combined, so you can be more creative & spontaneous
  • Short form to 24/7 formats all air precisely how you intend and you can view everything in “real-time”


Spot Distribution:

  • Automated direct-to-air production workflow
  • REAL-TIME transparent reporting before, during & after airplay saving you time and effort
  • With Sync, ad distribution & reporting is simplified, even for the most complex split copy buys
  • Spots & insertion orders are automatically uploaded, processed & confirmed in seconds and can be playing on any station…in fewer than 10 minutes
  • Sync enables you to quickly respond to time-sensitive strategic opportunities & make last-minute emergency copy & production changes
  • Split-copy insertions “in-show” or ROS are totally automatic


Tracking & Billing:

  • Create affidavits and see day-parting in REAL TIME
  • System is transparent and simple
  • Saves tracking manager many hours each month…no more hiring extra people to track down affidavits
  • Marketron is a strategic partner


TECHNICAL / Mechanics side:

  • Recycle your satellite receiver & dish (IP-based delivery)
  • Never pay another satellite fee! (why pay for a re-feed of the same show?)
  • No more worrying about security! (closed, secure network – hack proof)
  • No more data loss concerns (off-site backup, restored in as little as 10 minutes, “fog”-based)

Sound CRAZY good! For more information reach out to:

Scott Ragain, 314-795-9262