TV & Video Production

  • Clients come to depend on our regular talent development and coaching
  • We meet with your team on the ground to outline objectives, form a custom strategic plan, detail what the listener is to expect from your content and the strength and positioning of your eventual brand
  • We establish a goal or series of goals…who comprises your primary listener base?
  • On-going coaching sessions include audio examples of achievement and areas of improvement along with detailed, written examples on steps toward advancement
  • We gather random audio from segments and full shows for demonstration and follow-up with easy-to read, bullet printed coaching tips
  • Coaching on-the-fly by teleconference is available
  • We define the brand of both you and your show…they may be the same…they may also feed one another but be separate, running along a parallel pathways
  • We review content…content must be engaging and relevant
  • Guests and digital outreach are addressed
  • A professional and practiced ear reviews the quality of your sonic environment…CRUCIAL, otherwise listeners and viewers will tune-out
  • You have ongoing access to us here at EGMG…AND…we may choose to help you distribute your show
  • EGMG has developed strategic partnerships to provide you additional marketing tools and services to advance your brand

With exclusive, custom and one-one-on kid-glovery, you will find the EGMG has no equal when deploying coaching coaching and talent development services.