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We’re Not Just Another Media Delivery Service

There’s a BIG difference between an EFFECTIVE media advertising spot, in the right place, at the right time, with the right call-to-action messaging…and the way many media entities SELL spots to small and medium sized businesses. The job of a media station/entity sales force is to SELL advertising blocks of time. Unfortunately, the creative content they develop for YOUR business takes a back seat. THEY are focused on SALES. EG Media Group is focused on YOU and discerning the BEST way to strategically and effectively message YOUR business. Don’t waste money on lots of ads without first visiting with EG Media Group. 

 Advertising…where do I turn? 

Advertising space on traditional media is crowded.  How do we locate our company’s target market…and, how do we most effectively message to them? That is THE question ALL businesses should be asking themselves. Sometimes that ‘most effective space’ IS NOT traditional media. EG Media Group has you covered there. However, there is a place and time for traditional media. Part of the problem with traditional radioTV and print ad placement is…really the most important piece…the failure of these entity representatives to take the time to learn about your business, to understand what your REAL needs at THIS point in time are. We listen very well and we act based on what we learn from you and your team. We ideate with you and see where that takes us…often, working in concert with you and your team, we find multiple call-to-action opportunities that need to be addressed. Sometimes, for example, we discover profitable, bundled service opportunities for your company…ones that solve problems for your clientele in increase your bottom line Completing a standardized needs analysis sheet filled out by a salesperson…c’mon, together, WE can do better.   

Make Sure You Spend Your Ad Dollars Wisely

EG Media Group’s team covers all the advertising ‘bases’, from TV, creative/branded content producer & director to digital marketing.  It makes sense to ensure your ads, wherever they are placed, are as potent and powerful as possible, doesn’t it?  EG Media group even have voice-over and TV commercial talent covered.  And, yes, we can place your ads where they will be most effective. We can also mentor your company representative should they be the ‘talent’ in your advertising. EG Media Group is here to help, local, regional, national and international. 


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